Oncor Celebrates National Lineman Appreciation Day

Remember to #thankalineman today!

By:  Connie Piloto
​Today we’re celebrating National Lineman Appreciation Day and we want to say, “Thank You” to our linemen and to all Oncor  employees across the company  who help keep power flowing through our communities.

It’s not a job that anyone can do.

Oncor linemen and other front line employees work around the clock in all kinds of weather conditions to safely keep the lights on for more than 10 million Texans. These men and women have a unique skill set and an unending desire to help their friends and neighbors when they find themselves in the dark. Many of our employees have also traveled many miles to provide much needed restoration assistance to fellow utilities across the country, and likewise we greatly appreciate the help we receive from others when storms and outages affect our service areas.

Regardless of job function, whether it’s restoring power to customers after a storm, providing new service, maintaining the transmission grid or supporting our operations, the job our employees do is critical to our success in providing an essential service to our customers. And through it all, safety is always our top priority.

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